A re-enactment of the 1863 trial of a naked horseman is to be held on Sunday, 4th December 2011 at the Macarthur Courthouse, High Street, Macarthur.

Presented by the Macarthur & District Historical Society the trial will be preceded by the opening of the Old Police Lock-up that is adjacent the Macarthur Courthouse and the unveiling of a plaque.

The day will commence at 11am with an exhibition of Visual Art at the Macarthur Hall and other activities.

Sunday 4th December 2011

11am – Activities commence and Visual Art exhibition
1:30pm – Opening of the Old Police Lock-up
2:00pm – Re-enactment of the Trial of the Naked Horseman

11am – Macarthur Hall and various other locations
1:30pm – Old Police Lock-up beside Macarthur Courthouse
2:00pm – Macarthur Courthouse

Various buildings in Macarthur of historical interest will be open to the public including the Old Barber Shop, the Courthouse and the RSL clubrooms. The Mens Shed will also be open to the public.

Other attractions are:

  • mini-bus tours of the Macarthur Historic Trail;
  • horse-drawn carriage rides
  • Macarthur CFA truck
  • blade shearing
  • cross sawing
  • old-fashioned stocks
  • old-fashioned games

    Old Police Lock-up

    Old Police Lock-up

Lunch will be catered for with a Lions Club BBQ and the Macarthur Preschool will have a stall selling cakes.

Prizes are to be awarded for the best dressed:

  • Swaggie
  • Lady of the Night
  • Girl
  • Boy